Race Replays …

It is a shame I haven’t had this blog up longer, I have a lot to say and I feel quite a few people would have somethings to add.

 As I was putting up some links on here and catching up on some racing news I came across an article about Delaware Park and Racereplays.com coming to an agreement. I’m not sure what this means about the availability of Delaware’s replays but I can tell you the lack of access to free replays or replays in general has been one of the more prominent issues of mine the last few years.

I’m the first to admit that I probably am I bit uninformed about this issue. I have no clue what goes into allowing simulcast signals or live video streaming to be accessed. Here is what I know … race replays are an integral part of many players handicapping process. I don’t think it is asking a lot to have access to free replays so I can come and risk my money on your product.

I am lucky enough to wager through New Jersey’s online betting platform which allows me free replays to almost any track I want replays of for the past month and a half or two months. This was just offered recently and I haven’t forgot those tracks that don’t offer free replays. Is it asking that much to have access to Philly Park, Penn National, etc replays? I want to come pump money into your pools!

This is just another one of those issues like take out that the only people who really seem to care are those that play seriously and those that play seriously are far out numbered by those who just go to the track to go to the track. They couldn’t care less what percentage of the pick 3 pool is being taken out. If the grand-kids birthdays are lucky that day, great! If they aren’t, they will be back next week. No matter that it could have paid 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars more if it had been a pick 3 at Laurel as oppose to Philly due to much different take out percentage.

 Take out is another issue for another day or night and more time.


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2 Responses to “Race Replays …”

  1. kstafford Says:

    I totally agree, Phil. It’s maddening trying to get race replays when you’re trying to do research, and I don’t think we should have to pay for them either. After all, we’re wagering our hard earned money. The least they can do is make it simple on us to go back and check that 12500 claimer and see how the race was run with our own eyes.

  2. trackman Says:

    i totally agree that race replays should be made accessable to interested parties for free. it is very frustrating and i hope that the thoroughbred industry realises the more avaialability to their product will only enhance their opportunity to establish new players expanding the publics interest in what is the greatest sport ever.

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