Golden Yank – Delta Jackpot

Just read on that the owners and trainer of Golden Yank, the 3rd place finisher in the Delta Jackpot stakes that was run a few months ago have filed a lawsuit agains the LA Racing Commision. They are claiming that both Z Humor and Turf War, the 1st and 2nd place finishers that dead heated for the win, interferred with Golden Yank and that the interference warranted a disqualification of one, or both of those horses.

I saw the race live and was undecided as to whether any action should have been taken. I felt that it could have been argued either way, though I was leaning towards no action. I was unable to find a replay on the internet.

I feel that both the owner and the trainer have taken this a bit far. They appealed it to the LA racing commision and lost that appeal in an unaminous decision. So the race has been ruled the same way twice. It happens in racing. I can see what they are trying to do here, they probably realize the horse is questionable as far as a graded stakes competitor which is going to make it tough for him to earn the necassary graded stakes earnings to make the Kentuck Derby field. Being placed first or second here would really boost the horses graded earnings and give him a much better chance to make the field even when he may not deserve it.

 Take your medicine, I’m sure it happens to everyone involved.


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3 Responses to “Golden Yank – Delta Jackpot”

  1. kstafford Says:

    Agreed. And I was a guy that had Golden Yank in his selections that day (Along with Z Humor), so I was hopiing the stewards would’ve originally taken Z down.

    You’re right though. It’s time to move on.

  2. kstafford Says:

    Say Phil, do you have an “about” page here? May want to think about making one. That way, those comments get seen by virtually everyone that visits. I was just looking for it so I could comment to the world about whan an amazing horseplayer you are! 🙂

  3. Phil J. Says:

    I too had Golden Yank in pick 3’s but like I mentioned above, it could have gone either way and from my recollection of it Golden Yank had gotten first run on Turf War and had ranged up along side of Z Humor only to have Z Humor turn him away and Turf War run by him on the outside. I remember thinking that was a reason I felt no action was needed, he was most likely 3rd best no matter the circumstances.

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