Laurel thoughts 1-18 …

Race 1 – #2 – #7

Looks like atleast half the field would like to have the front end. I think #2 Aseeninvogue will win that battle with the others. Comes into the race with the best form on paper and should be able to outlast the others. I think #7 Cadillac ofthe Sky might be best on the front end, but he has rated to victory in the past and gets a nice attack post here.

Race 2 – #3 – #5 – #6

Looks like quite a few of these are going in the wrong direction or are already there. I like #3 Dr. Pamela to make the lead here and never look back. Lots of speed in her last and she couldn’t get to the front from the outside post. Back inside here and not much speed to contend with outside of #4 but I think #3 is quicker. #5 Ad Muster and #6 Three Shots all can be running late and don’t seem to be headed in  a bad direction.

Race 4 – #1 – #3 – #7

Not much to say here. Bad race. The only horse that really interest me is #3 Senorita Toni Mae. She was 121-1 in her latest and really ran a credible race being hung wide the whole way to only be beaten 4 lengths by the winner and less by the horses that may go favored here. Has a chance to blow up the tote board.

Race 5 – #9

Not sure how you look past #9 Edger in here. Looks like a standout.

Race 6 – #6

#6 Something Dixie goes out for the 2nd time in her career for Trombetta/Caraballo. Took money in debut and I expect improvement.

Race 8 – #6

#6 One Man To Beat has the speed to get himself a nice tracking trip in here. #5 Blew Me Away is he obvious threat.

 If the track is listed good today it may play to the off pace types. Not sure what the temp is but the rail could be good or bad depending upon the weather. I’d tread lightly regardless due to the quality of racing but I’d also watch the first couple closely.

Good Luck.  


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3 Responses to “Laurel thoughts 1-18 …”

  1. Phil J. Says:

    Aseeninvogue and Dr. Pamela took the early double. #3 didn’t do much running in the 4th, Edger won the 5th, Something Dixie flattened out in the 6th and One Man to Beat ran 2nd in the 6th.

    The most notable performance of the day belongs to the track. 4 horses went wire to wire for the wins and most of the winners were up on the pace. The rail might have been dead, though I haven’t concluded that one way or another.

    I did the speed figures for this card and will say this is one of the tougher cards I’ve lately. The track seemed to change, possibly more than once throughout the day. So I would view any of the figures as suspect until proven on the track.

    This day fits a pattern that this track sometimes goes through after a rain or snow fall. The first day, it is sloppy/muddy and favors speed. The 2nd day, it will be muddy/good and favor off the pace types. The rail also may be dead. Day 3 usually brings a good or fast track that favors off the pace types and again the rail could be dead depending on how much moisture is left in the track. If it is very cold on the 2nd day, sub-freezing, the rail can become a highway, though tomorrow ( 1-19 ) looks like it might get into the 40’s.

  2. kstafford Says:

    Excellent as usual, Phil! I wonder if the track changed due to the temperature rise yesterday? practically all the snow we got here in PA melted. I’d expect you’ll get your wet conditions for a dead rail and off the pace favoring style today.

    Keep up the good work Phil!

  3. Phil J. Says:

    Not sure if you watched Laurel yesterday but the track was fast and then went back to good, couldn’t tell if it was raining or it was the snow melting.

    The off the pace style of running won all the races, no wire to wire wins and most were atleast a few lengths of the pace. I couldn’t make a decision on the rail being dead or not, have to look at it closer today and rewatch some races, but on memory alone I cannot remember a horse other than Cognac Kisses in the stakes winning a duel while on the rail.

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