Those sneaky good riders …

You know the guys. The are relegated to smaller tracks, the Laurels, Philly Parks and Delawares of the world. Some even hang out at Charlestown. While they may never reach national stardom, they can become a rider you can count on while betting these less covered, perhaps obscure tracks.


Recently I’ve been very impressive with Kendrick Carmouche at Philly Park and Geovany Garcia at Laurel. Both seem to have a knack for the pace of a race and for getting a decent trip from a difficult post. They both seem to make good split second decisions, whether it be as soon as the gate springs or one furlong from the gate, they make the right decision that enables them to get into position to win.

 I’m sure that every lesser circuit has quite a few. These are just two of the ones I’ve noticed recently.  


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One Response to “Those sneaky good riders …”

  1. Phil J. Says:

    Yesterday I went to Chester Downs for a change of pace from the Philly Park turf club’s or Philly Park itself and got into a conversation with the guy sitting next to me about riders. His claim was that the riders today are not as good as the riders of the past.

    I cannot really comment on that, however he was suprised when I said that Anna Napravnik was one of the better riders in Maryland ( don’t use her ride aboard For Kisses in yesterdays Nellie Morse as evidence ).

    So perhaps she is sneaky good?

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