Rated Fiesty’s DQ – The DQ process …

Quite a stink is being made about this. I watched the race live, my only interest being how she ran and if she could stay undefeated. After watching her cross the wire first, I flipped the channel back to Santa Anita for the Sunshine Millions Classic. It wasn’t until Monday that I found out she was DQ’d.  I read yesterday that Asmussen was appealing the decision. I just read tonight that L. Quinonez got days (DRF), which lead  me over to the NJ Account Wagering platform to watch the replay.

After watching it again, I don’t think the action against Rated Fiesty was warranted. I really don’t think the jock deserved days, to me, it looked as if the #1 was in tight from the top of the stretch on. Rated Fiesty did seem to drift in a bit, but from the pan view, it never seems that she completely shuts off the #1. The head on could be different?

It is another one that could probably go either way. I know I recently wrote that I felt that Golden Yank camp need to move on from the Delta JackPot. This one, even though I’m not a huge fan of Asmussen, I can understand the appeal, especially from LQ.

That leads me to this … Numerous times, a friend and I have discussed the stewards involvement in the pari-mutuel end of this game. We both agreed that as players, we are already subjected to too many human influences. Whether it be poor rides and decisions by jockeys, trainer intentions, starting gate crew mistakes, or subjective decisions made by the stewards we are constantly at the mercy of outside influences. Our idea, long before Bob Bedeker started preaching the same thing on TVG was to completely remove the stewards from the equation, atleast on the pari-mutuel end. You want to take the purse away from the jockey? Owner? Trainer? Fine. The owner hires the trainer, who hires the jockey. That I can understand. Fine and suspend the jockey, and make it hurt. Leave the bettors out of it. Let the results stand, no matter the incident on the track. Half the time, the horse that gets put up didn’t deserve to win and neither did those bettors.

The game is struggling to gain new, young fans and to grow in general. Try explaining to a new player that they smoked out the right horse, he was the best by two lengths, but because the jockey drifted in half a lane at the top of the stretch and slightly bothered the fading pace setter, that he doesn’t win based on another human’s subjective decision. They will leave a smoke trail to the nearest hold’em table.

I could go on and on. I don’t expect to see a change anytime soon. As with most other issues, the players are usually the last one to be heard and we are usually ignored, or only listened to in an effort to appease us.


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