Panaramic Art, Stylish Solution, Mike Battaglia

Another neat racing night at the Big M. Both Stylish Solution and Panaramic Art kept their respective winning streaks intact.

 In the 1st division of the Cape and Cutter series for open mare pacers, Ulrica Bromac N swept the field from last and tripped the timer in 1.51.4 for Nat Varty and Tim Tetrick.

In the 2nd division, Stylish Solution paced away from the gate and made all the fractions before tripping the timer in 1.52.1 for Nat Varty and Brian Sears. It was her 13th in a row.

 These two will be very interesting when they finally have to face off. Stylish Solution paced her final quarter in 27 flat while Ulrica Bromac paced hers in 27.1 but her race went a bit quicker. She was aided by a nice pace in front of her, her race went 1.24.1 to three quarters while Stylish Solution went 1.25.1 I think SS will prevail because she is more tactical, but it will be interesting.

In the winners over trot, Lawman blasted from off the pace for Eric Goodell to win going away in 1.54.4. This field was a lesser group than has been knocking heads since Master Pine and American Lane took the week off and last weeks winner Lets Get Serious broke while leading.

 In the 2nd division of the Exit 16w series Panaramic Art ran his streak to 19 in a row. He brushed to the lead and was never seriously asked while pacing home in 27.0 for the final quarter. The race went in 1.51.2.

In the first division, I thought the first two finishers, Cinderella Guy and Dragon Master, were impressive and it turns out they might very well be a threat to PA. They tripped the timer in 1.51.3 and both paced the final quarter in under 26 seconds. After watching both divisions I think 4 horses are contenders, Panaramic Art, Cinderalla Guy, Dragon Master and Ridgeline.  Should be another fun series.

 While watching Drive Time on TVG, I couldn’t help but be reminded that Mike Battaglia is the worst race caller in the country, by the length of the stretch. The guy is horrid. He is always a furlong behind and his voice is terrible. If I hear “and they’re together” or “on the outside!”  one more time I’m going to throw the remote at the TV.


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11 Responses to “Panaramic Art, Stylish Solution, Mike Battaglia”

  1. lrk27 Says:

    Good to see some harness talk on the Internet. I honestly don’t think any horse in the Exit 16W are going to be within 3 lengths of Panaramic Art. That horse is just a freak right now. Any idea why he’s not entered in the second leg of the 16W this Friday?

    And I think the Cape and Cutter finals with Ulrica Bromac and Stylish Solution should be a great race.

    Quality work here, keep it up.

  2. Phil J. Says:


    Thanks for the comment. PA is a freak and his brush to the lead down the backside of one of the Hirt Elims was aweome. I am not sure why he isn’t entered Friday night?

    Both Master Pine and American Lane are back for this weeks winners over trot, so that field will be a bit better.

  3. On Track 411 Says:

    We only saw Ulrica Bromac leave the gate at Chester and she very well may have more than one blazing brush. I can understand that Sears hoped off so that leads us to believe Solution is better. However, Bromac is one tough mare and will prove it on Fed. 22 when she ends Solution’s streak. Its nice to see a mare return to the races so tough after all she has been through. I have seen several articles where Varty speaks very highly of Bromac and note the how conservative he is with her.

  4. Phil J. Says:

    On Track,

    I can’t wait for those two mares to match up. It should be a good one.

  5. Harness The Power Says:

    It’s going to be an amazing race and I believe Solution will melt when pressured by other foes, at that point Ulrica Bromac will pick up the pieces
    and become our Cape & Cutter winner.

  6. lrk27 Says:

    I could not believe that drive by Sears on Solution Friday. When you have a horse that lives on the front end, you can’t give it up and then stay tucked in. For most horses, you can’t argue the pocket trip, but with a horse like this who loves the front end, I thought that the drive was terrible. I’ll take Western Graduate again next week, unless Ulrica and Solution run as an entry.

  7. Phil J. Says:


    Not sure if you looked at my post made Friday after SS lost, but I think it was planned. Varty probably told Sears not to take a chance being first up and I believe Pierce would have parked him if he tried to retake. So instead of running 3/4 in 1.21.xx he stayed in and lived to see the finals this Friday.

    I also gave out Western Graduate to upset Ulrica in the same thread. I also think she will be tough again next week.

  8. On Track 411 Says:

    Stylish Solution gave it up as simple as that, it has been said she is versitle and can race on the front end or from behind so what went wrong? She just was not as good as My Little Dragon. Also, don’t think you are going to wire that field in the final….there will be lots of action. Ulrica Bromac and Stylish Solution will not run as an entry because they are not owned by the same owners and why would that matter? In closing, it is between My Little Dragon & Ulrica Bromac and with Bromac’s powerful late surge Timmy will nail the Cape and Cutter Final for Varty.

  9. ronnie v Says:

    cinderella guy had a ton and a half of pace last week when blocked and will be a decent price this week

  10. Phil J. Says:

    Should be a good race tonight. I haven’t looked at the card too hard yet, though I do like Big Business in the Aquarius.

  11. On Track 411 Says:

    Can’t wait for that Cape & Cutter Final

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