Everyone see the Kentucky Derby …

winner run today?

Ok that might be a bit much but Pyro was about as awesome as a 3 year old could be this time of year. To win from the spot he was in with that pace in front of him was unreal.

Indian Blessing also stayed unbeaten, even ran faster than Pyro but I just don’t see this filly going much further than what she did today and I really don’t see it if someone ever decides to run with her.


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2 Responses to “Everyone see the Kentucky Derby …”

  1. Phil J. Says:

    Let me clarify, I want to see Indian Blessing run well around two turns at these distances after a quality rival runs with her, not a no hope 93-1 shot from Delta who puts token pressure on her for the first 1/4 mile.

  2. kstafford Says:

    Pyro’s run was jaw dropping. I thought it looked a lot like Curlin in the stretch in the Preakness. I had started knocking Pyro for everything under the sun, but I’m officially back on the bandwagon now. Majestic who? Court Vision who? War who? Pyro, baby!!!!! 🙂

    Indian Blessing I agree with you on as well. I want to see her and Country Star hook up here. That ought to be a good race if/when we get it.

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