Bad weather and cancellations …

Were the story of the day … Well I guess the NYRA struggle finally being resolved was the story of the day. No matter to me though, I don’t think my female friend is going to want to switch from a movie and high dollar dinner to racing from the Big A and the Big M. with some take out in between.

Aqueduct, Gulfstream ( after race 1 ), Monticello, Yonkers, Beulah, Charles Town and Penn National all cancelled today. Penn National cancelling was of significance because it was supposed to be their Grand Reopening with a new racino and nice purses.

No plays of the day the last few days. I only looked at Philly on Mon/Tues. and the only horse I thought long and hard about was Magazine yesterday in the 8th or 9th at the Pha but didn’t pull the trigger due to some horses with unknowns ( off the claim, off the lay off, etc. ), he ran 2nd at 9/2. 

Playing the Big M tonight if they don’t cancel. No real opinions going into the night.

Maybe a play of the day at Laurel tomorrow?


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