I played the pick 4 today at Laurel. While my play of the day bombed at 7-5 in the 6th, I did have the Lake horse that went wire to wire on my ticket.

Now, with 10 mins to post for the 7th, after the pick 4 has begun, they announce a scratch in the 8th race. The scratch was Happy Surprise, whose scratch will no doubt have an affect on how this race will be run. He was one of the three horses that do their best running on the lead. His scratch leaves two and often times two isn’t enough to setup a duel that adversely affects the other two.

You couldn’t have announced this scratch earlier? The horse is cross entered tomorrow in the J Campbell and is part of an entry, I have to believe they knew he was going to be scratched much earlier than this.

 Oh well.

 If anyone wants to route me home the ticket goes:

1/2/4 – R6

1/2/3/7/8 – R7

1 – R8

1/3 – R9

 $60 dollars for 2 bucks. First leg winner paid $10.00


2 Responses to “Arrgggh!”

  1. Phil J. Says:

    Pick 4 went up in smoke in the finale. 1 for 27 or 1 for 42 ( can’t remember without pp’s ) #4 Imperterbable ( sp? ) decided to win his 2nd today. I was live for $177.xx and $337.xx to the #1 and #3.

  2. kstafford Says:

    Ah, that’s a shame man. Glad to see you still got past the single in race 8 even with the scratch. I thought Happy Surprrise was garuanteed the lead in that one.

    Imperturbable added Napravnik and put blinkers on. Looks like that was enough for him. I really thought that was a two horse race with Prized Conquest and Agenor, but Imperturbable was my 3rd choice.

    I burned my pick 4 ticket as well. 😦

    To better days!

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