Stylish Solution …

Stylish Solution’s streak ended a few minutes ago at 13. I thought she was a bit vulnerable here with her connections looking down the road a bit. Sear’s took it a bit easy it seemed, Pierce brushed to the lead down the backside and Sear’s didn’t retake, which really decided the race.

 2nd division of the Cape and Cutter is on the track now. I like Western Graduate and/or Little Miss Dragon to upset Ulrica Bromac, figuring she is also looking ahead ( same trainer ).


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One Response to “Stylish Solution …”

  1. Phil J. Says:

    Hope somebody got onboard.

    1st 6 WESTERN GRADUATE $26.00 $8.20 $3.40
    2nd 3 LITTLE MISS DRAGON $3.40 $2.20
    3rd 7 ULRICA BROMAC N $2.10
    4th 1 KG DELIGHT

    Other Payouts
    $2 EX (6/3) paid $86.80
    $2 TRI (6/3/7) paid $146.20
    $2 P03 (2/3/6) match 3 paid $199.20

    Should make for an interesting final. In my opinion Varty saved his charges next week, I don’t like to have to consider that when wagering but as evidenced above it does pay off to know what series are coming up and what races a horse might be point to.

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