Any thoughts on the DQ’s today?

Personally, I have some questions about the DQ in Laurel’s 10th. I flipped the channel after watching #2 All Smiles storm to the front and begin to draw off, knocking me out of the pick 3 ( I had #1 – #6 – #8 ). Never did I think the result was in question. It wasn’t until I went to make another bet that I found $63.00 present.

Even after getting paid and going back and watching it I’m not sold. All Smiles was much the best and while she did come out infront of Cryptoquip and Rose, she looked to be clear? Rose looked to overreact a bit, perhaps a bit of acting knowing he was beat but this is one of the main issues in this game right now.

 The other DQ was the 5th at Santa Anita today. That one was justified in my opinion, as the #1 drifted in and without question hindered #10 Tent ( I think ) from running his best down the lane.

That being said, both DQ’d horses were best in thier respective races, and that is the problem.


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