How can this be allowed?

After playing the Big M tonight I started looking at some races at Balmoral. The 8th race was a conditioned trot. What made this race noteworthy, atleast to me was the fact that a trainer had two horses, racing as an uncoupled entry in the race. Now, that isn’t really out of the norm. However, when the trainer is also driving one of his entries I see a conflict of interest.

Call me paranoid, but I don’t believe everyone involved in this game is as honest as they need to be. Guess what happened when #4 Brilliant Ben, trained and driven by H. Hochstetler, made the cones going into the turn and #5 Park Lane Diva, trained by H. Hochstetler but driven by B. Simpson, was parked out? You guessed it, Mr. H yeilded to his other entrant.

I don’t like uncoupled entries regardless, but this situation is even more disturbing and yet people still wonder why the horse racing sport is considered crooked.


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