Sears & Tetrick, Tetrick & Sears …

Spending my night wagering on Dover and the Meadowlands harness racing and it seems like these two have won all 20 races. They haven’t, but they have won more than their fair share. Sears has 4 of the first 6 at the Big M and Tetrick has 5 of the 12 at Dover I believe.


Sears has only had 5 drives, so he is 80% thus far.  Tetrick has actually lost a few, but his are even more impressive, atleast in my opinion. I feel all 4 of Sears were very live, I actually bet two of them and passed on another due to short price and negative drop in class. The other made sense, but I wanted to try to beat him. Meanwhile, Tetrick’s are a mixed bag. Some are Stevie Wonder types that you can’t miss, while others I’ve tried to beat him and he just flat out out drives the rest of the colony. I’m not a big driver or jockey bettor, but Tetrick is in position to win almost every race at Dover, while the of those guys are wondering what is going on.

 The final tally:

 Sears – 5 for 8 on the night.

As I mentioned above, I’m not a big driver/jockey person. I just don’t think they make that big of a difference. I do believe the harness drivers matter more than the thoroughbred jockeys. However, Sears amazed me tonight in the 9th. He got on a horse that had finished 8th beaten 12 lengths at 55-1 in his last at the same level. The previous race, he was 8th beaten 19 at 33-1 against perhaps slightly better. Tonight, with Sears on, horse gets bet down to 3-1 and he works out a perfect trip to run 2nd. From post 3 to post 7 against the same level, goes from 55-1 to 3-1 and makes up 12 lengths on his previous effort.

Tetrick went 5 for 14, including 4 in a row. I must have jinxed him, because right after I put this thread up, he lost a couple. He was 5 for 11 at one point.

 Of the two, Tetrick gets bet to below fair odds more so than Sears does. That is obviously attributed to the quality of the two colonies. If a race at Dover is wide open, Tetrick is going to get bet hard. You can still get decent prices on Sears at the Big M.


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