Friday Big M action … in progress.

Race 2 – The Matt’s Scooter – Mercantileexchange did me proud and finally got a decent trip to storm home at just better than 2-1.

Race 3 – The Overbid – Southwind Tempo didn’t disappoint. Campbell took her back and down the backside she began picking them off one by one until she stormed past Ulrica Bromac in early stretch.

Race 5 – Goodell put a great trip on Lawman and he overtook favored American Lane in deep stretch. I’m beginning to feel bad for American Lane. He runs his heart out every week but most of the time he is setting the table for someone else. The last two weeks it has been Lawman. This was American Lane’s 4th straight 2nd place finish.

 Race 10 – Little Miss Dragon really stuck it to me in the 2nd division of the Overbid. She nosed out Cape and Cutter hero Street Dancer. I thought Street Dancer held on, my buddy thought Street Dancer held on, but apparently the photo told a different story. That result hurt, as it knocked me out of a pick 3 with a $40.xx horse in the middle. It paid 205.xx for a buck to the favorite and I had it for $2 to the 3rd choice. It also costed me a bit of money in the trifecta, because I only had it for $1 dollar this way and would have had it for $2 had Street Dancer held on. Those are the breaks I guess. This race went in 1.52.1 and Southwind Tempo tripped the timer in 1.50.4 …


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