More reasons this game sucks …

Race 3 at Woodbine tonight. #7 New Dice Please jogs in 153.x. His last two, he had trotted opening 1/4 miles in 27.2 and 28.3 and 1/2 miles in 56.3 and 58.0. He finished those two races in 1.58.0 and 1.57.3.

 Well tonight, after a barn switch to Anthony Montini, he gets hammered to 6-5. Obviously live on the board after dropping anchor in his last two. He than proceeds to trot the opening 1/4 in 27.0 and the half in an eye popping 55.3 and draws off to win by 15 in 153.x. He gained over 5 seconds on his two previous efforts. #4 Sundowner Bob who had faced and defeated New Dice Please by 6 lengths in their last starts, was defeated by almost 20 lengths here. A 5 second and a 20 length turn around with the barn switch.

 And you want to attract new fans do you? Explain that to the young guy who is new to the game but went out to the track or turf club with his buddies.

 It seems the hot topic of recent nights at has been the driving, or lack there of at Woodbine. It is something I picked up on pretty quickly a few weeks ago when I started paying more attention to the good harness racing in the north. The drivers just seem to be completely content to ride around in single file until they reach the top of the stretch and than they hope the horses up front come back, which rarely happens. It makes for some boring racing and questions about the drivers intentions.

Than I turn my Harness Eye over to the Meadowlands and see names like Ledford and Rucker still doing whatever it is they do  and I begin to question my sanity.


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4 Responses to “More reasons this game sucks …”

  1. Dusty Nathan Says:

    Many people know why Moiseyev and Ouellette “decided” to go to Woodbine, where neither ever really won again at the rate they won in New Jersey. Everyone knows that harness racing is full of hacks and lowlifes, from the top down. Do you need the names of the culprits for the umpteenth time? The top name to the sewer rat have been caught over and over again for decades. The Meadowlands hides behind their public property status, in regard to not letting people like Ledford race. I say, child molesters have no rights to hang in a public park and it’s supported by every court in the land. The truth is, harness racing will always make room for the Wojcio types (Sacramento). Ron Pierce was caught doing as bad as bad gets. He left the USA to race in Macao over the issue at Monticello. The point being, here he is at the Meadowlands – as if harness racing would not be able to function without these creatons.
    Anybody who bets harness races – for the most part – live with their mother or have serious problems in their marriages. Most of them are misfits, geeks and dorks – losers.

  2. Phil J. Says:

    While I happen to have avoided living with my mother or having a problem with my relationships, I do agree with a lot of what you say …

    I might fit the geek, dork part, but I have to good of a life to be a loser! 🙂

    Enlighten me if you could, why exactly did Jack and Luc go to Woodbine full time? I’ve heard a number of different things.

    I had family that owned and trained standardbreds at Garden State, Freehold and the Big M, but they got out because they couldn’t compete, years later I further understand why.

    What is your background in the game?

  3. Cangamble Says:

    What harness racing has that horse racing doesn’t have so much of is an invisible track takeout caused by insider info in the backstretch. It makes it near impossible for anyone to beat harness racing.
    The drivers are related to each other a lot, and if not related they are way more friendly with each other than jockeys. Also, you can play games with harness horses because they race twice as much as thoroughbreds at least.
    Even if you have a horse that has peaked, you can miss a week to get a better price next time out (not really a better price, but since the pools are weak, one can bet more next time without having to worry about getting 3-5)
    In order for harness racing to grow, they need to drop takeouts to 5%, and I’m not being sarcastic. The game isn’t nearly as sophisticated or glamorous as thoroughbred horse racing.

  4. GDR Says:

    There’s one problem with the conspiracy theories about why Jack and Luc went to the Meadowlands-They keep coming back!

    Both Jack and Luc have won major stakes races at the Meadowlands since going to Canada. You’d think if they were “exiled” they wouldn’t be allowed back.

    I can’t speak to why Jack left, although he had no power at the Meadowlands and hadn’t been a player there in a while, but Luc left for two simple reasons-uncertainty about the future of racing in New Jersey (which looks like he was right) and to raise his family away from the city, not in an apartment in Ft. Lee.


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