Adriano pays $11.60??

I’m still not sure how, but that is exactly what he payed. How could anyone have watched that Gulfstream turf exhibition he put on not bet him back today on the synthetic surface? He was awesome that day and was awesome again in the Lane’s End. He’ll probably just be crowding up the track if they put him in the Derby as he has shown no ability on the dirt yet, but he is sure to be a good runner on the turf in the future.


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2 Responses to “Adriano pays $11.60??”

  1. kstafford Says:

    Oh man – did you call that one? I liked Adriano but only took him for place and show. Nice call. I agree though – probably not a legit Derby contender, but I can’t blame Motion if he takes a shot with him.

  2. Phil J. Says:

    As usual with these types, I believe he will end up in the Derby starting gate. We’ve heard this “we are not pointing” to the Derby game in the past and those horses almost always end up in the starting gate anyways.

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