Yeah. Lets go racing over synthetics …

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not a fan of synthetic surfaces. As I’ve also previously mentioned, not even the exciting, classy racing at Keeneland can overcome my disdain for the synthetics.

Today’s Lexington Bluegrass Stakes at Keeneland only strengthened my disdain. Pyro, the even money favorite, and many peoples early Derby choice, just ran an absolute dud to finish 10th. He couldn’t even fight off Medjool for 9th.

And before anyone sends me a comment asking why I am so suprised after I’ve been publically skeptical of Pyro on some sites/blogs, mentioning that he hasn’t run particular fast even while being ultra impressive visually, I’ll say this: I was skeptical of him at even money. I didn’t think he was a lock like most folks. He hadn’t run faster than the fillies on the same cards. I wasn’t skeptical enough to predict him to finish 10th. He is a good horse.  I thought he might run 2nd or 3rd, beaten a length once he faced a solid field. Not 10th.

Rant over … I don’t mind losing money, or watching logical horses lose so long as a reason exist other than the change of surface. Race after race over this stuff horses change form radically with no other explanation. How can anyone take it seriously from a wagering stand point?


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2 Responses to “Yeah. Lets go racing over synthetics …”

  1. Kevin Stafford Says:

    Amen, brother. Proud Spell, Panty Raid, Country Star, Pyro – the list of favorites that turned in clunkers running over synthetics is nearly endless.

    Seems to me that synthetic specialists have a tad easier time running over true dirt (provided their pedigree is strong enough for it) than dirt runners have going over synthetics.

    All of this already has me worried about Curlin in the BC Classic at Santa Anita (getting way ahead of myself, admittedly). Although he has at least worked well over it. Then again, so had Pyro.

    I detest synthetics as well. About the only one I think is safe to play is Hollywood – which might as well be “chalkywood” on most days – but hey, at least they run to form. Although, speed hasn’t seemed to carry very well there past 6 furlongs so far this meet.

  2. Phil J. Says:

    It is terrible. I can’t play it. I did ok at the Santa Anita meet ( I posted a few selections on your blog ) but I was hardly considering the horses form. I was using trainer intentions for 75% of my handicapping. Perhaps that is the way to combat the form reversals over the synthetic surfaces, because I was getting good prices betting horses that were making positive trainer/form moves as oppose to a horse’s paper form if you will.

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