Catching up on some recent news …

Somethings to get caught up on.

First off, in what looked to be great news about a topic discussed here in the past, Jayne Vaders was suspended indefinitely by the PA Racing Commission. However, as it seems is the norm, the news turned sour just as quickly when her lawyer won another stay this week.  

Sick sport huh? Here is someone who has been caught cheating numerous times yet it has taken two years and now longer for the issue to be handled. Once it is handled, I’m sure it will end up being a slap on the wrist, ala the Rucker and Ledford incidents at the Meadowlands.

There is a thread over at Pace Advantage discussing this topic and a poster claims to have lost over $18000 by claiming a horse off of Vaders.  I have a friend I went to high school with that also took a bath after claiming one off of her. Claimed the horse at the Pha for $12500 and the horse wasn’t competitive until they dropper her to the $5k level.

And then the news the Calder was raising their take out percentage broke. We can’t gain any news fans, times are tough for most economically, but we are going to raise the price of wagering on our product for this meet. I don’t have much to say about it other than they are on the no bet list along with Hawthorne ( more on that below ). Pull the Pocket said what needed to be said about the Calder Take Out over at his place.

On a more positive note ( sarcasm), Michael Gill looks to be seriously getting back into the game. You know Mike Gill right? He was the owner of a horse who broke down at Gulfstream a few years ago and before the horse could be tested/evaluated by any officials his trainer and vet on record cut the horses leg off? Yeah that guy. Anyways, over at Thats Amore Stables place, the topic gets discussed in a more positive light, including comments from two of Gill’s former trainer, Mark Shuman and Phil Schoenthal.

Here’s another one for the reasons this game sucks list. If anyone hasn’t seen this DQ, I bet you can’t watch it and not lose your lunch. This has got to be the worst I’ve ever seen and anyone who reads knows my thoughts on the subject. Here is the video:

Gruesome huh?

Apparently there was another head shaker at Pimlico on 4/24 at Pimlico, the 6th race. I haven’t viewed that yet.

Good news though. The Oaks and Derby are this weekend. Should be interesting if nothing else.



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4 Responses to “Catching up on some recent news …”

  1. jayne vaders Says:

    I find it odd that so many people can have such a low opinion of me without ever having met me.

  2. Phil J. Says:

    I wasn’t sure whether to allow this comment nor whether or not to reply as I have my doubts whether it is actually Jayne Vaders but the what the heck, perhaps it is. I don’t have a low opinion of you personally, you might be the sweetest person in the whole wide world. It is said that your horses are well cared for and in overall good condition.

    That being said, if I was caught doing something illegal in my profession, which is in many ways governed by the State of New Jersey and some federal environmental agencies, I wouldn’t be given more than two chances and that first “mistake” would come at a hefty cost.

    The drug positives are one thing. I believe you cast the shadow upon yourself at times with how horses you are caring for run. If a horse here and there was claimed from you and than ran poorly, that would be one thing. If a horse here and there that you claimed all the sudden improved, that would be another. However, it isn’t random horses, it is almost all of them in both instances. I’m sure some you claim are simple issues. Stomach problems, teeth, shoeing etc. However, I just can’t believe that all the other horsemen are so incompetent that you can improve even 50% of the horses you claim or start for the first time. I know too many people involved with the sport to believe that. I hang out at the bar with a blacksmith you use! I cashed a bet on Imanewtontoo when he made his second start for you on his advice.

    And obviously, you aren’t the only person making these “mistakes”.

  3. Linda Says:

    Haha – you go Phil. We had a similar problem on our site with an unidentified wierdo pretending to be someone and posting all manner of strange posts.

    Two tips: use “whois” to check out their IP address, and suspend comments if they really get on your nerves. Here’s to free speech!

  4. Jon Says:

    I don’t see a problem if it is her. If you make a comment about someone, good or bad, they deserve a right of reply.

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