All I can say is Wow!

Pull the Pocket brought this topic up yesterday. I don’t mean to steal his thunder but this needs to be posted anywhere and everywhere that horse players, fans, owners etc. might read it. This has to be one of if not the worse call I have seen. The pocket sitting horse is the 1-5 favorite who gets locked in on the final turn. To get out of the box, he goes inside the pylons and wins the race. How this horse wasn’t disqualified in 10 seconds is beyond me. Ok, so the driver of the pocket horse made the move for safety reasons, that’s fine. That being said, for no reason should this horse had been left up as the winner.

Of course, 3 months later the appeal is finalized and the horse is correctly disqualified. The purse is redistributed, the proper owner’s paid, the drivers dealt with, but WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO GAMBLED MONEY ON THIS RACE?

No justice for them … of course.


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