And the Eclipse Award goes to …

Richard Goodall! For standing infront of a room full of people who either don’t care or are uninformed about the what the bettors … aka the customers … go through to support the game they either love to enjoy or make a living off of. Perhaps it wasn’t the entire room, but I’m sure the majority whispered questions to the person next to them asking what this man was talking.

Anyone else cringe everytime IEAH won an award? I did. I don’t like R. Dutrow’s antics and Iavarone doesn’t come off as a honest, hard working guy with a great deal of integrity either. Perhaps I’m misreading the man, but I doubt it.

Todd Schrupp’s tribute to Larry Jones was the highlight of the night for me. I was lucky enough to meet Larry over the summer at Delaware Park while visiting my friends barn. Very nice guy.


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