My Top 10 harness races of the year …

Inspired by a couple of post I’ve seen elsewhere, I thought I’d share what I thought were the top 10 races or performances of the 2008 harness season. In a year in which we had Dewey and the Beach, it sure wasn’t difficult to come up with 10 great races. I probably could have put five from each of those two champions and call it good. The list is dominated by Somebeachsomewhere, but how could a top 10 races of 2008 not be? So here it goes …

#10 … Progress Pace – Bettor Sweet

To be four wide on any turn and win is pretty significant. It is ultra impressive at Dover Downs against top horses. Bettor Sweet defeated Badlands Nitro and Dali in this race and stamped himself as a horse to watch in the open ranks this year.

#9 … Woodbine Spring Pacing Championship – Tigerama

This race was impressive, no doubt. However, this isn’t the race I was looking for. Early in the year, Tigerama ran one of the bravest races I’ve ever seen a horse run. He was parked every step of the mile in the open pace at Woodbine. I want to say the opening quarter was in 25 and change. Yet his guy paced his heart out all the way around to still be coming at the end of the mile. I don’t know the fractions and can’t find the replay but trust me when I tell you it was an awesome performance. The shame of it is, a few months later Tigerama’s trainer at the time was suspended and the horse moved to another trainers care.

So those are #9 and #10. I’ll try to do two races every day or so.


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