A small victory?

Jayne Vaders lost her appeal Jan. 9th in Pennsylvania Commonwealth court. I originally touched on the subject back last winter and spring on two seperate post: Shaking Head & Catching Up On Recent News … Trainer Vaders actually seems to have stopped by to comment in the Catching Up post. I still find it amazing that this ordeal took almost two years to come to a conclusion and all throughout those two years Vaders continued to win races.

Bloodhorse.com has an article about the Vaders appeal.

I think this situation and Jayne Vaders training career could be summed up in three paragraphs from Bloodhorse:

“”Vaders first had her training license revoked in May 2007 by Philadelphia Park stewards after one of her horses tested positive for acepromazine, a Class III drug that is used as a tranquilizer. Stewards testified that she had five or six positives prior to the acepromazine discovery, and had been warned that another violation would result in revocation of her racing license.

Vaders was granted a stay, after which her case advanced to the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission. The commission denied Vaders’ appeal April 16, 2008, and the case moved on to Commonwealth Court.

Though there is a code in place at the racetrack that contends any trainer with two or more positives must be banned from the track, stewards said they hadn’t previously enforced that rule because they had never before had a trainer with as many violations as Vaders.””

A small victory ….


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3 Responses to “A small victory?”

  1. Frank Pizzuto Says:

    Have you checked out what is going on at Philadelphia Park?
    Jayne “Indefinite Suspension” Vaders is gone- but the beat goes on for her enterprise. Ed Auwarter, a hopeless old time trainer who had no stock and historically a 4% win percentage is now a claiming and winning machine at Philly Park. Look closely at the paddock- John McCaslin, Vaders’ mentor, does the saddling and gives jockey instructions. Ed, plays pocket pool and snaps his ever-present suspenders on his ratty dungarees while this scene unfolds. Ed is now the trainer of record for all the owners who previously were with Jayne.
    Time will tell how this all plays out…..

  2. Phil J. Says:

    I don’t think anyone expected anything different. John was training for Jayne and has just moved onto Ed. Ed couldn’t train Lassy to fetch a stick two months ago, but now he is winning at better than 20%. Amazing huh?

  3. Greg G Says:

    McCaslin was a cheat (proven), Vaders was a cheat (proven), if the people that worked for them are still around, Ed doesn’t stand a chance. By the way I’ve met him and he is a nice man, maybe too nice for the BS horse racing that goes on at Philly Park.

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