265k Pick 6 Carryover at The Big A today …

I don’t play pick 6’s. I just don’t have the bankroll to make sustained runs at this bet. Even when they look chalky, it only takes one firster or a 2nd time starter to blow you out of it. For me, it just doesn’t seem financially sound to chase the pick 6 with tickets of under $200 dollars. Sure you might hit one or two, but those will be chalky and won’t pay enough. Over the long haul it has to be a losing proposition doesn’t it?  I have played a few as a partner and have hit a few small ones.

 However, after looking at the card today, I feel it could be one of those days in which favorites dominate and the payoff is well worth it due to the carryover. As has been reported in some media outlets, the form of the 50 horses in the pick 6 races is terrible. 29 of 50 are coming off of double digit defeats.

 That being said, I’m still not playing. None of my partners in crime and vice decided not too for some unknown reason and as stated above, probably isn’t a good idea to go at it alone with a small ticket.

 Though I do like Spurrier in the 7th as a single and Ghost Dancer as a single in the 8th. Race 6 looks like a two horse race between the #6 and the #9. So that covers three legs,  the first two are skull busters, but the fields are manageable in size. I like a couple solid contenders in the last race.

 Good luck to anyone involved.


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2 Responses to “265k Pick 6 Carryover at The Big A today …”

  1. kstafford Says:

    Yeah, you’re totally right. It’s a bit like chasing the lottery. When those takeouts get lofty though you almost have to take a modest stab. It just gets pricey so fast. I wish 50 cent Pick 6’s were the norm.

  2. Phil J. Says:

    Today’s pick 6 is exactly why I don’t play. One of my singles was correct, but the other wasn’t. Without the other single the ticket doubles and just becomes too much for me to stomach.

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